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What is The Migration Factory?
What is The Migration Factory? - consultants

What is The Migration Factory?

The Migration Factory (TMF) is an automated process that can help to translate your most valuable BizTalk assets to LogicApps in the Azure cloud. It’s not just any old code conveyor to the cloud: TMF embodies the emerging best practices for LogicApps to ensure that your legacy objects are given a new shine and are set-up to integrate and scale in the cloud environment.

How does TMF work?

Your Microsoft partner will use our TMF tool to run an analysis of your BizTalk environment. This is a data mining exercise to find not just all the regular coded patterns in your estate, but also all of the peculiarities too. TMF manages this process through a code parser that has taken many years to develop by some of Microsoft’s and Affinus’s most distinguished BizTalk experts.

The analysis produces a report detailing how much of your environment can be automatically translated, and how much will need to be manually coded. The report enables you determine a clear cost benefit case to assess the value of migration.

Engaging in a TMF Project

Affinus license the TMF tool to Microsoft partners with the appropriate BizTalk and Azure skills. This could be your established partner, or if you don’t have a partner we can recommend one. Your partner will run the analysis, in partnership with Affinus, on a dedicated appliance in your Azure subscription.

The analysis will produce a detailed report, enabling you to evaluate your next step. If you decide to go ahead, Affinus will support your partner and your organisation through to the completion of the migration, including any outstanding translations that might need to be code manually.

Who is Migrating to Azure?

There are an estimated 10,000 customers running on BizTalk today. Many of those customers have invested in creating and evolving enterprise integration objects that unite their disparate systems in a way that works specifically well for them. In moving to the cloud some will reinvent the wheel, and write their systems over, others will consider the existing investment in their integrations something worth keeping and will want to migrate.  It is a highly individual choice. Many medium to large organisations are moving parts of their estate and rewriting others.

The detailed analysis report you will receive from the initial phase of the TMF process will enable you to evaluate which parts of your BizTalk estate are appropriate for migration.

Next Steps

If you wish to explore migration further, you can ask your current partner to contact Affinus. Or by all means get in touch directly; we will be glad to help.

There is no cost for the initial report and it will outline the cost of using the tool to migrate your environment. It will also highlight areas that cannot automatically be migrated. At this point you will have a clear cost benefit study and will be able to make an informed choice.